SKUCard NameRarityPriceQTY
J16_003Azusa, Lost but Seeking - Judge FoilPROMO$42.002
SCG32Decree of SilenceRARE$6.001
SR01-EN024Domain of the True MonarchsCOMMON$3.0013
V14-7Fracturing GustMYTHIC$8.001
CT13-EN012Ghost Ogre & Snow RabbitSUPER RARE$7.001
XYBKT-140Heavy BallUNCOMMON$0.508
XYAOR-75Hex ManiacUNCOMMON$0.5011
PGL3-EN062Ignister Prominence, the Blasting DracoslayerGOLD RARE$1.504
HA02-EN037Jurrac MonolophSUPER RARE$0.258
HA03-EN027Jurrac VelphitoSECRET RARE$0.504
USG83Lilting RefrainUNCOMMON$0.253
PGL3-EN055Luster Pendulum, the DracoslayerGOLD RARE$2.002
SDSE-EN031One for OneCOMMON$0.504
GEN01-26Pikachu 26COMMON$0.255
GEN01-27Raichu 27HOLO RARE$1.001
YS14-ENA09Reinforcement of the ArmyCOMMON$0.752

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