SKUCard NameRarityPriceQTY
G-BT07-003ENBlack Seraph, Gavrail - RRRTRIPLE RARE$15.002
G-FC03-028ENDark Knight, LudvikDOUBLE RARE$4.002
BT05-068ENDeath Feather EagleCOMMON$0.256
BT10-035ENDouble Gun Eradicator, HakushoRARE$0.308
G-BT05-013ENEradicator, Angercharge DragonDOUBLE RARE$0.305
G-CMB01-023ENFerment Deletor, GaenRARE$0.305
BT03-073ENGoddess of the Crescent Moon, TsukuyomiCOMMON$1.003
G-FC02-003ENHelldeity Seal Dragon, CrossoriginTRIPLE RARE$2.502
G-BT04-004ENHoly Seraph, Raphael - RRRTRIPLE RARE$20.001
G-CMB01-021ENJuxtapose Deletor, GaeleRARE$0.307
BT06-044ENMillion Ray PegasusCOMMON$2.508
G-LD01-008ENPitch Black Sage, CharonCOMMON$0.504
G-CMB01-026ENRain Element, MadewRARE$2.006
BT11-002ENSolidify Celestial, Zerachiel - RRRTRIPLE RARE$10.001
BT11-026ENUnderlay Celestial, HesedielRARE$0.756
G-BT07-063ENWyvern Strike, GalgiCOMMON$0.257

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